In this site, you will find a selection, ranging from the largest, most luxurious and modern super yachts to the smaller more modestly priced sailing boats, but all of them, top quality in their category.

Each yacht is described briefly with basic specifications and sample photos. If you need more information on the vessels listed in here, we can send you detailed e- brochures of each. Should you not see the exact yacht you require in our site, let us know and we can suggest alternatives that might suit better your requirements.

Once we know your preference for the size, type of yacht and style of travelling, we can help you choose the right one with the right crew for you.


Having chosen your boat, we will draw up an M.O.A. (Memorandum Of Agreement) and send it to you for signature. At this point, 50% of the charter fee should be sent as deposit to secure your reservation. Your copy of the agreement, fully countersigned, will be returned to you on embarkation.

The balance of the charter fee, together with an advance towards provisioning of the yacht (A.P.A.) as well as any other agreed charges, will be due for payment one month before embarkation.


Yachts charter on clearly defined terms. For yachts registered under Greek flag the following apply:  “The charter rate includes the hire and insurance of the yacht, a fully qualified crew, fed and insured, water and ship’s laundry. Excluded are fuel for the yacht, tender and toys, all food and drinks, communication costs and personal laundry. Also excluded is V.A.T.”.

When cruising outside Greek waters, you will be charged berthing dues and other harbor charges, including straight, canal and pilot age fees and charges for water and/or electricity taken from shore, foreign agent’s fees, charges for passport formalities and local taxes. If you decide to charter a yacht that is registered under another flag, we will advise you of the applicable terms.


This is meant to cover all expenses excluded from the charter rate (fuel for the yacht, the tenders and toys, food and drinks, laundry and communication costs, Corinth Canal dues if applicable, the costs of any special equipment placed on board at the request of the charterer, airport transfers and car rental when required).

The amount can vary depending upon the sort of yacht and the type of itinerary chosen, the choice of provisioning requested by the charterer and the number of passengers and days of travel. In general it will fall somewhere between 25%-30% of the charter fee. The APA is sent to the Captain, in cash,  so he prepares the yacht for your arrival. All costs incurred by the yacht which are accountable to the charterer will be deducted during the cruise and full accounts will be produced at the end. Occasionally the APA is not sufficient and the Captain will keep you advised if further funds are required.

At the end of the charter, the final account will determine if a refund or any further payments are due. Please note that yachts are only able to accept payments in cash, or, in some instances Traveller Cheques.


If you require your yacht to relocate to a port of embarkation or disembarkation away from its home port, mobilization and/or remobilization fees will be charged based on the time incurred and the fuel consumed.

V.A.T. :

In accordance with the European Union Directive of January 1st 1993, yacht charter prices will be subject to varying tax rates depending on the EU country or countries you visit with your yacht. In Greece at this moment V.A.T. ranges between 9.6 – 12% of the charter fee, depending on the distance travelled.


It is customary, if you are pleased with the service on board, to leave a gratuity for the crew. The amount is left to your discretion; a figure within the range of 5-15% of the charter fee is usual.


We advise all charterers to consider cancellation and curtailment insurance which is available for approximately 1% of the charter rate. You may also consider Personal Accident or Medical Insurance plus Personal Effects Insurance which is not included in the Charter Fee.




In anticipation of your cruise, we will be mailing you some forms requesting information about you and your guests, such as: special equipment you wish to have on board, flight details, any celebrations you need to arrange while cruising (birthdays, anniversaries etc) and, of course, your food and drink preferences. We should have these forms filled and returned to our office at least a month before your departure, so we can prepare the yacht according to your wishes.


We will be happy to help you plan your itinerary and to advise you of what can be sensibly achieved in the time available, along with the best places to visit, the best anchorages, etc. We recommend that itineraries be kept as flexible as possible as they are subject to various factors such as weather conditions or your own changes of heart. Any preplanned itinerary, with the exception of the Port of Redelivery, may be altered in consultation with the Captain ; if there are legal restrictions which prevent the Captain from complying with your request, he will generally be able to explain these to you but if you need clarification on any point in question, please call our office. The Captain’s decision is final relating to any matter regarding the safety of the yacht or those on board.


You may wish to have your meals on board at all times or you may sometimes want to sample local specialties on shore. Alternatively, when anchored in a quiet bay, your crew may prepare a barbeque on the beach. The choice is yours.


There is a variety of toys on board the yachts. The crew will be happy to teach you how to use them and help you play with them safely. Tenders, however, should only be used in the presence of the crew.



Life on board can be as formal or as relaxed as you wish. The hot weather however, makes light clothes essential. Bathing suits, T-shirts, shorts is what you will probably be wearing most of the time. For more formal dining or evenings out, casual chic clothes is all you need and a light jacket for evenings on deck.


No matter how large a yacht you may have chartered, space is always at a premium and hard suitcases are a storage problem. Soft, foldable, luggage is preferable as it can easily be tucked away.


Shoes are not worn on board. If you must wear shoes all the time, reserve a pair of deck shoes for the exclusive use on the boat. For your visits ashore you will need flat, strong and comfortable shoes for walking around or exploring rough landscapes.


Sun is twice as strong on the water as on land, so high protection sun lotions and sunglasses are a must.


You may want to complement your cruise with land excursions. The East Mediterrannean is full of marvelous ancient sites within easy reach of the anchorages. Your captain or our office will help you organize visits to such special places.

We also assist in booking your party’s general travel arrangements: commercial flights, international or local, private aircraft or helicopter and car or limousine hire. We can arrange for professional guides, shopping, hotel accommodation upon arrival or completion of the charter and of course transfers to and from the yacht.

If you are interested in combining your cruise with a hotel stay or a villa rental, we will be glad to send you brochures of the best there is or, if you prefer, we will look for a privately owned villa that will meet your requirements.


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