There is nothing more glamorous, comfortable and private than a great yacht and this is what makes it an ideal business tool.

Combine work and pleasure in style by chartering one of our large yachts, where you can conduct important meetings discreetly or entertain lavishly your best clients.

AB FELIX can help you choose the right vessel and make your business event a great success.

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If you prefer a land vacation, you may still want the excitement of a few hours on the water.

With so many unspoiled islands and bays near Athens or the main resort areas, a day boat can offer you an unforgettable escape for swimming, picnicking or quick sightseeing.

Small kaikis, sail boats or fast motor boats, can perfectly complement your vacation on land.

Alternatively, you may wish to charter a boat, small or large, for a few hours in the harbor to have a private celebration.

No matter what the event, having it on board a yacht, will make it memorable.